About Us

Live Fit was founded and developed by family and close friends who wanted to provide individuals with a comprehensive approach to wellness. Starting with our first gym location, Finest Fitness, which opened in Patchogue in January of 2006, we have sought to create an environment where the 95% of people who don’t work out regularly can feel comfortable rather than to design a place for the 5% of regular gym goers.

While we have expanded to five fitness facilities and five spas, our core values have remained the same.  It has always been our goal to preserve a safe, comfortable, and clean environment where each and every person who walks through our doors is greeted with the highest quality of professionalism and has full access to all services to meet his/her wellness needs.

As an indication of our commitment, we have created and funded the Live Fit Organization, a non-profit designed to help deliver wellness to various at-need groups – primarily focusing on providing our Boxfit group exercise program to underprivileged children and teens and to battered women. Our mission is to create a wellness atmosphere where the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the individual are met.

About the Author

My name is Shawn Swift, and I have no business writing a blog.  A former high school and collegiate wrestler, I went on to become the assistant wrestling coach and strength and conditioning coach for the United States Merchant Marine Academy and for New York University, where I received my Masters in Public Administration concentrating on Health Policy and Financial Management at the Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service in May of 2012.

After receiving my latest masters degree, I promptly returned to work in the family business of gym and spa ownership.  The business grew to multiple gym and spa locations linked by the umbrella corporation “Live Fit.” Upon my graduation from grad school, I assumed the role of Director of Operations for the Jericho gym/spa locations – Clubfit 247 and Spafit respectively – as well as the President and CEO of the Live Fit Organization and last, but not least, the author of this blog.


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