We Can Inspire Children Even When Our Backs Are Turned!

Here at iLiveFit we always like to acknowledge how the simple, seemingly innocuous events in life can have huge impacts on our children. This photograph is of a child who accidentally wondered into a photo shoot of Michael Charles, a professional body builder who trains at iLiveFit location Finest Fitness of Patchogue.  iLiveFit founder Stephen Curran was so inspired after viewing this photo he wrote the following poem in only twenty minutes! Enjoy…

Wow, soooo cool, look at that man.
I’d like to be super strong one day, I really wonder if I can?

How did that happen, my muscles are small?
You CAN do it one day, just give it your all.

Always work very, very hard and never, never quit,
just like those muscles, you build a STRONG non-quitting spirit!

At school, at home, in sports and in life, always give it your all.
You can do it, keep trying, always get up when you fall.
In time you will get it, build confidence and stand tall.

As far as you can see, as high as the sky,
that’s how far you can go in life when you try and try.

Wow, I ‘m going to try my best in everything, I can, I can, I can,
Thanks for being such a great example to me, Mr. Muscle Man!!!

LIVEFIT! Pass it on!!!

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 5.43.35 PM


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